130 Week Capacity Review

130 Week Capacity Review

If your claim is still active and you haven’t been able to make a return to work after 18 months, Gallagher Bassett needs to consider whether you have a capacity for suitable employment.

Suitable Employment is generally an alternate employment outcome for you as your injury, condition and capacity has prevented you from returning to work with your pre injury employer.

It is likely that Gallagher Bassett will need you to attend an Independent Medical Examination (IME) to assist in reviewing your capacity for suitable employment ongoing.

If this review determines that you don’t have an ongoing capacity for suitable employment and that capacity is unlikely to change in the future, your weekly payments will not be affected.

In the event it is determined that you do have a capacity for suitable employment, this could lead to the cessation of your weekly payments, and you will be provided with 13 weeks notice of this cessation. Its important to note that medical services and treatment are not affected by this review.

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