Scheduled Fees

Scheduled Fees

Providers that are approved by WorkSafe Victoria are subject to scheduled fees for the services they provide you. This means that WorkSafe will only allow them to seek reimbursement for services in line with this fee schedule.

Ensure you check with your providers that they charge at the scheduled fee rate, some providers will charge more which will leave you with a gap payment to make that Worksafe cannot reimburse you for.

You can use our online services to submit your Reimbursement Request and other documents here.

Want more information? Ask us a question using our online enquiry form here.

A provider can be registered with WorkSafe and charge you more than the Scheduled Fee. If you want to avoid the gap payment, seek a provider that charges at the Scheduled Fees as set by WorkSafe Victoria.

Click here to learn more about Scheduled Fees. (this link will open WorkSafe Victoria in a new tab)

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