Common Treatments

Common Treatments

It's important that you discuss your treatment needs with your treating health ractitioners so they can appropriately engage the right treatment for your injury to assist in your recovery and return to work.

Some treatment requires a referral request from your treating health practitioner also before Gallagher Bassett can consider approving it. Find out more by reading the Medical and Service Approvals Page

Additionally, there are some common injuries that may benefit from the following:

For strains and sprains:

  • Attend your general practitioner
  • Rest the affected area
  • Use ice packs
  • Compression materials
  • Try to keep it stable and immobilised
  • Physiotherapy and strengthening

For fractures:

  • Attend your general practitioner
  • Keep the affected area stable and immobilised
  • Surgery
  • Physiotherapy post surgery and strengthening

For mental illness or injury

  • Attend your general gractitioner
  • Seek out a psychologist
  • Potentially seek a psychiatrist
  • Engage with your workplace employee assistance program
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