Occupational Rehabilitation (OR)

Occupational Rehabilitation (OR)

Occupational Rehabilitation, otherwise known as “OR”, is the engagement of specialist professionals to assist you and your employer in return to work planning and identification of suitable duties whilst you recover from injury.

Occupational Rehabilitation | Gallagher Bassett Victoria

As you recover from a workplace injury, your employer, Gallagher Bassett and your OR team will first try to facilitate a safe environment for you to return to work on suitable duties. Depending on your injury and capacity, your employer may modify your role or identify other duties for you to undertake whilst you recover.

If returning to work with your employer is no longer an option given your capacity from your injury, alternate employers may be identified and a new job may be identified as a return to work option for you.

This support is about helping you, so you are given the choice of which OR provider you would like to work with, if you don’t have a preference, Gallagher Bassett will pick one for you.

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